Your Strength To Heal is a 501(C)3 organization


Your Strength To Heal is dedicated to healing and preventing trauma, primarily through education, training, support, and valuable online information on trauma to survivors, mental health professionals, and the community-at-large.


Your Strength To Heal will educate clinical professionals, as well as other professionals who interact with survivors such as the police, court and school systems. By way of presentations to these audiences, television shows, a website, internet social media, pamphlets, and a quarterly newsletter, Your Strength To Heal will facilitate the development of a trauma-informed community. As Helga Luest of Witness Justice states, “trauma-informed care isn’t about a ‘hand up,’ but rather working collaboratively and empowering the survivor in an environment where the provider and survivor have equal voice and choice”. YSTH presenters will be fully trained in trauma-informed care. The vision and plans for Your Strength To Heal are those of a survivor herself, Ms. Kim Kubal, Founder and Executive Director of this nonprofit. Thus, the emphasis on trauma education, peer support, equality, and empowerment is at the very roots of the Your Strength To Heal organization.

The need for educating the community about the effects of trauma and for a treatment center to serve women trauma survivors is critical. Your Strength To Heal has worked hard to build significant community support for its vision. Established detox programs, city and county government agencies, and professionals in the mental health field in San Mateo and San Francisco Counties are in agreement that there is a definite need for providing trauma education and other resources in the local community.

A Message to Survivors Healing from Abuse and Trauma

You aren’t alone. Supporting survivors as they are healing from abuse and trauma is one of the reasons why exists. We understand that being a survivor of trauma and abuse, addiction or PTSD can be very lonely. For this reason we are committed to providing valuable resources to help survivors who are healing from abuse and trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), addiction, sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. 

How We Help Support Survivors Healing From Abuse and Trauma

Our website is designed to be a valuable resource and contains many helpful posts, articles, stories and more:Healing from Abuse and Trauma

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From the Director…

Kim Kubal

My goals for this website are to provide information about our future residential holistic trauma and retreat center for women who are healing from all types of abuse - physical, sexual, spiritual and psychological. Along with this goal, is information on workshops and trainings for survivors, clinicians and caregivers.

My additional goal for this website is to provide resources for survivors of trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), addiction, sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse as they continue on their healing journey.

This website also provides informative articles and links which will lessen the feelings of isolation as one heals from this trauma. Clinicians share their healing tools working with survivors of PTSD, trauma and addiction. Survivors and caregivers give their perspective on healing.

I trust that caregivers to these survivors will get a sense of knowing they are not alone in giving support and encouragement to survivors of trauma, sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse and addiction.

Finally, I hope that the healing community will gain a better understanding and knowledge of working with trauma survivors and those experiencing PTSD, addiction and trauma. These survivors are courageous people who have often been horrifically assaulted physically, emotionally and spiritually. Still they heal, and in so doing, the healing community can be a witness to this miracle if they choose to be.

Kim Kubal
Executive Director

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